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Valentines Day Scones – Basic Bakes

21st February 2018

Happy February! Oh how this month has flown by as has the most dreaded non-holiday of all. Sodding Valentines Day. Valentines Day is something we have never made a huge deal about. Married 30 somethings who don’t need to make the effort on one day blah blah blah. Clearly I was in some kind of overly loving mood this year and as I was off work I fancied making up a little something cutesy and edible for my husband, of course keeping it as simple as possible!  So off I pop, down to Sainsburys where I end up in the home baking aisle, eyeing up this little beauty. Scones in 20 minutes, just add milk. Bloody perfection right there.

Now I mean I love basic but this is toddler level baking right here, powder meet bowl, bowl meet 12 tbsp’s (180ml) of milk, mixture meet fork and roll into a ball. Even I after a night shift couldn’t mess this one up! Oh no wait… of course I can, apparently I don’t posses any heart cookie cutters. One of those utensils that got sucked into oblivion during out house move 2 years ago. Now I could have got back  in the car and driven around various supermarkets in search of said heart shaped cutter. All the nopes! Since it was my first day off after nights I was already well committed to  spending the rest of the day in my lounge pants and slippers I went to the old faithful, Amazon Prime, pack of 5 cookie cutters, £3.75* on my doorstep the very next morning. Done!

I used the second to largest cutter and decided I wanted a more smaller scones than the suggested serving of six. 9 adorable heart scones and a little dough left over to make some teeny little bite size ones. A little brush of milk, a pre heated oven and 15 min later they were done. I have to say for a 2 ingredient mix they weren’t half bad!!

Still warm from the oven with some Jam and Cream and just look how pretty they are. (Yes yes, the cream goes before Jam in this household!) These went down very well with  the Mr and I highly recommend a cheeky prosecco to go with. Without a doubt one of the easiest things I’ve made! I will definitely be remembering theses for Valentines day next year too! Who known maybe I will perfect my baking skills into making them from scratch!?!

Pffffffft right!

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