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Pecan Pumpkin Spice Twists – Basic Bakes

28th October 2017

Firsts things first. I am no use what so ever in the kitchen and I am ever thankful to my husband for having a natural flare for cooking. Sometimes I can’t even boil a kettle right and I have been known to lose patience making a salad. (That one time I once made salad!) That said, it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy channelling my inner Mary Berry and have the odd stab at baking. I’m talking basic baking. As basic and as pre made as I can get away with. If it has to go in the oven, or something has to be heated on the stove at some point then that’s good enough for me.

Last year the we somehow acquired 3 tins of pumpkin puree on clearance from my local Sainsburys. I’m pretty sure I had some great Pinterest based plan at some point but hey. This year I was determined to produce something that resembled an Autumnal baked good. So here we are, my attempt at pecan pumpkin spice puff pastry twists. Now I will not be taking full imaginary credit for this. Pinterest was browsed but there are only so many images of delicious, mouth watering pastries before clicking on it to find it was made in America and there is some ingredient that you just can’t get in the UK. I love you Pinterest but c’mon. The only thing I had to create myself was the pumpkin spice mix, which you can find a recipe absolutely anywhere on Google or just order a jar from Amazon. See full ingredients list below.


Step one, pre heat oven to 200 degrees (fan assisted but feel free to google the equivalent) and unroll one Jus-rol sheet of puff pastry at room temperature. Next up the pecan pumpkin spice paste, mix together as per the recipe above and spread as evenly (ish) as possible over the pastry and sprinkle over the chopped pecans. Simple!

Step 3, fold the pastry by bringing the left side over to the right keeping all the mixture inside. Then turn the pastry so the folded end is at the top. I used a pizza cutter to slice 10 strips but you can cut as thick or this as you’d like. I was aiming for standard bread stick cheese twists size so 10 was perfect. They will look small but puff pastry rises!

I baked 5 twists at a time on a baking sheet covered with grease proof paper, at 200 degrees for 14 minutes – or until golden brown. While they are baking mix up the maple syrup icing using the recipe above. Once the twists are baked leave them to cool and the icing to thicken.

Once completely cool gently drizzle the icing mix over each twist and wait until it has set. Et Voila! That is some basic baking! They taste amazing and definitely satisfy that Autumn pumpkin spice craving.

And there we have it, my very first basic baking blog post. Feel free to try these for yourself and let me know what you think. Please be kind and bare in mind my initial disclaimer. I am no cook, I possess no natural cooking ability. What are your favourite Autumn bakes??


  • Emma B

    29th October 2017 at 3:04 pm

    These look delicious! I’m going to try making them when I next feel like baking something x

    1. abigaleloves

      31st October 2017 at 2:19 pm

      They are super easy to make Emma! They taste to so good!! x

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