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OhK! Gold Dust Peel off Mask review

25th October 2017

It is no surprise to see that Korean skincare is absolutely everywhere right now and new-ish to the scene since 2016 is OhK! with their range of face, body and hair masks as well as other adorable accessories that are just too cute to boot. OhK! is now rolling its way out to the high street since being an ASOS exclusive since June 2016. I stumbled across a brand new OhK! stand in my local Debenhams recently and I couldn’t resist a little splurge.

OhK! Gold Dust Peel off Mask

I fully intend to write up some reviews on all the masks I bought and kicking off the OhK! series is the oh so pretty Mix your own Gold Dust Peel off Mask. In the box contains 4 sachets, 2 Gold Dust and 2 Gold Liquid, a mixing tray and a spatula. The OhK! website claims this mask ‘Combines gold dust elements with our secret formula cream to make an incredible peel off mask to rejuvinate the skin and leave you with a goddess glow’.

Now here lays my only criticism. The sachets are huge! So huge in fact that I decided to use just half of the mix and tucked the remains away for another use. As soon as I began mixing I knew that even half the packet was going to be way too much. Once mixed the consistency is extremely thick, ideal for a peel off mask. However be warned, this stuff starts to set fast!

The mask is to be applied to clean, just washed skin, using the spatula. It does go on relatively easy and with the exception of my around my nose I did end up with a pretty even layer all over. The spatula isn’t the easiest to apply the mask with and it will end up in eyebrows and any stray hair but once on the skin it settles nicely and doesn’t drip at all. It does have some sparkle to the mixture and has a nice sweet scent very much like subtle Turkish Delight.

Cue awkward non make-up face.

After 15-20 mins you can begin to peel the mask off. Once set it feels like chunky silicone and aside from the thinner parts around the edges (the bits that get stuck to your baby hairs and feels like an intense waxing) it comes off pretty clean. Wash skin with warm water after use to get rid of any bits left behind, apply moisturiser and you are good to go! My skin did have a real dewy glow to it and felt so soft. It was surprisingly moisturising too!

Here is exactly how much mixture was left, a good half of it which unfortunately is unusable as it sets pretty quick. If I had used the recommended whole sachet I would have been left with double this mixture again. Since you can get double the use out of each sachet I would much prefer to have 4 smaller sachets per box. At £12* a box it would feel like getting more for mask for my money too. Believe me I didn’t scrimp at all with this mask, I slapped as much of it on as I could to try and use it up. I’m actually gutted that I had to throw so much away because it is a really lovely mask and I hate to see good product wasted.

The OhK! mask range is available online at AmazonBeauty Bay, Feel Unique, Oliver Bonas and Debenhams


*prices correct at time of publication

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