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Makeup Revolution – Unicorn Heart Highlighter

27th August 2017

Unicorn everything… seriously. Everything and everywhere. I’m 33 and I am completely unashamed to say I am a sucker for anything shimmery and pastel. My inner adult, when she exists, gives not one crap about it. When I finally found one of these bad boys available at Superdrug online I snapped it up… about 2 months ago. It really does live up to the hype. It is just too pretty for words. From the packaging to the highlighter itself, its adorable.

Unicorn Heart Highlighter

Unicorn Heart Highlighter

Since these weren’t even in my local Superdrug store I couldn’t swatch them before hand. I will say now it is not an everyday highlighter. I have tried it as an all over highlight using a fan brush and it is extremely heavy on the blue and green tones, maybe even creeping into the lilac. It made my skin look so metallic and almost a robotic silver. Definitely too cool for my skin in the summer. However I have adapted a few ways in which it can be wearable and I’m pretty happy with the results. Firstly I have used a beauty sponge to focus on grabbing the pink and gold together and using that as a conventional highlighter, for the summer it gives a beautiful warm peachy blush to cheek bones. The gold highlight alone looks lovely on the brow bone with a warm bronzed eye shadow.

Unicorn Heart Highlighter

The other three shades were slightly tricky to include in an everyday makeup look, especially since my go to shades are nude, neutral tones. However upon having this highlighter in my makeup stash I have found myself rocking a more colourful eyeshadow. The green and blue swirled together really do create a beautiful pastel teal colour. When used lightly over a pale base give a very pretty multi dimensional mermaid look. The same can be said for the lilac and blue swirled together and used lightly on the eye. Being a blue eyed girl I have always loved a hint of lilac in my eyeshadow to really make my blue eyes pop.

Unicorn Heart Highlighter

This highlighter really is beautiful and even though it isn’t as every day wearable as other makeup products I’m chuffed as nuts to own it. Although it gives a very cooling highlight to skin which is too harsh for me in the summer, in the winter it may work well when the tan wears off and my skin is more ivory. Until then we will never know. I almost wish I was heading to a festival this year as it would be an awesome excuse to rock all the colours with some added glitter.

Unicorn Heart Highlighter

The colours really are very pretty and pack some incredible shimmer. Even used alone as costume makeup, for festivals or for fancy dress at £4.99 you really can’t complain. If you are bordering on the unicorn highlighter I really do recommend. It can be used in more ways than one. Have a go!

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