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Gingerbread Cookies – Christmas Basic Bakes

13th December 2017

Gingerbread Cookies

Here we are again! Another edition basic bakes, in other words me trying to bake something that looks amazing with as little effort as possible as I cannot cook for shit. Sound familiar? Then this basic bakes post is just the thing for you. This time keeping it festive with gingerbread cookies!

Strolling through Sainsburys last week I was after some kind of cookie pre-mixed box type thing. Turns out every biscuit mix had chocolate chunks or smarties equivalent in nothing that resembled a plain vanilla sugar cookie type thing. I was about to begin googling a basic cookie recipe when this little baby caught my eye. Ginger Giggles Biscuit Mix by the Sweetpea Pantry. Just add one egg white, honey and butter. Chuffng marvellous!

This particular Ginger Giggles Biscuit Mix has barley, rye and flax seed resulting in a healthy but great tasting snack.  The Sweetpea Pantry website also has instructions on how to make their bakes dairy free and vegan too! So simple that not even I could cock this one up. The ingredients were easily mixed by hand, although I forgot I do own an electric mixer. Less washing up and a bicep workout for my mixing arm is a bonus.

The recipe states the mix will make 12-15 biscuits, I made 12 good sized gingerbread cookies with ease so I made a bunch of tiny star cookies too. A whole tray full in fact! I baked them for 15 minutes until slightly golden in colour. (Unfortunately the larger star cookies here all broke when my hoofy self tried getting them off the baking paper, they were however delicious and made for a good pre cookie icing snack)

By the time I got around to icing them it was dark so I have no photos however the process was pretty easy. I did a bit of googling around royal icing/cookie icing and found a simple recipe that just consisted of icing sugar, 1 egg white and a few drops of water. There are also some YouTube videos out there that go into a bit more depth, but basically you are looking for a thick enough to pipe but thin enough to flood the cookie or that when the icing drizzles off a spoon back into the bowl the ribbons slowly melt back into the bowl ….. clear as mud?!? Ok maybe go check out a video.

I kept the icing pretty simple, I have a bunch of disposable piping bags in my kitchen cupboard …. otherwise known as box of stuff I have and for no apparent reason. Filled in the bag with a little of the icing mixture and snipped off the tiniest corner to get a fine icing line. I did throw in a little bit of lilac at the end for a bit of colour but this decorating malarkey could become seriously addictive had I have had some awesome food colourings.  Now I know they are nothing that special to look at but I am quite chuffed with how they turned out! I had a little go with flooding the smaller star cookies and it turned out OK. No doubt they will be better having used a better icing recipe and a hell of a lot of practice. The addition of some very special non-toxic holo sparkle dust of course finished them off perfectly. Click here to find it on Amazon. Everyone loves a bit of sparkle at Christmas!

(side note – there is some debate on the amazon Q&As as to whether this is edible – It is advertised as non toxic glitter for removable cake decoration. I have seen it used in cake decorating and have used it myself in the past. In my opinion it is non toxic extremely fine glitter, I’m talking very fine. Many have used it on bakes and others choose not to. I am confident I have consumed much worse in a day by accident than a small sprinkling of a non toxic glitter on a single cookie. I’m not saying tip the entire contents of the tub in your mouth of course but feel free to take a look and use at your own digression)


Have you made any festive cakes or cookies yet this Christmas? Do you have any favourite gingerbread recipes or  festive family baking traditions?

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