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Buying my first planner (and other lovely things) – Oh So Lovely by Kikki K

16th July 2017

The planner/journal world is something I’ve always admired from afar and never really ventured into, for no other reason than once I start I know its a slippery slope into a sticker filled, glitter washi taping, paper clippin’ obsession. Each time I mooch the interwebs on a planner mish I have never come across one that has really jumped out at me. I’m usually faced with the indecision of ‘do I really need those inserts’ or ‘it’s nice but only half of the contents suit me and my life’ and guarantee I’ve given up. The result, I’m left with multiple diaries, phone books,birthday reminders sitting in a drawer where they get forgotten. Yes I have fallen victim to the belated birthday card situation many a time in the past because Facebook has suddenly reminded me the night before!

Anywhoo, I want everything in one nice pretty little binder and all under one roof, so to speak. Could I find what I wanted in a planner that was also aesthetically pleasing to me? Could I heck! (For someone whose livelihood depends on split second decision making, turns out I’m personally extremely indecisive! Go figure!) That was until a recent trip to London where I stumbled across Kikki K in Covent Garden. Oh my world I could have spent an entire months wage in that store. As soon as my eyes came in contact with the Oh So Lovely planner I knew she had to be mine. Kikki K Planner

Simple design, grey and copper polka dots, zip fastening, adorable grey and lilac inserts with the exact requirements I was looking for. I picked the medium sized planner (roughly A5 in comparison) as it is the perfect handbag size. I’m not a huge fan of the lugging about something the size of an A4 ring binder. Features include • a new copper zip closure • elastic pen holder  • 6-ring binder with refillable sections • 2 card slots • 1 open pocket • 2 notepad slots

Included with the planner • 2 notepads: mini ‘Enjoy Today’ Notepad and Dots notepad  (both are tucked into the front and back of the main cover) • 18-month undated Monthly View pages • 12 month undated Weekly View pages • Birthday pages • To Do pages • 7 tab dividers, 4 pre-printed Month, Week, Birthdays and To do tabs and 3 blank tabs • 2 sticker sheets both pre-labelled and blank to write your own

Month per page

Week per page

Things to do and Top priorities

Blank notes pages

In addition to my planner purchase I also purchased some extra ‘To do’ desk pads and some cute little love note cards (75% off, who can resist that!)

Week at a glance copper embossed A4 desk pad. 50 sheets £7.50

To do copper embossed A5 desk pad. 60 sheets £6.00

Note cards £2 (in store sale only) 75% off. Pack of 120

And there you have it, a brief overview of my very first planner! Simple colours, not too busy. Easy on the eye and super cute colour combo. This medium planner prices at £48 and if you purchase online you have the optional extra of monogramming from £6. 1-3 characters for £6 and 4-6 characters for £9 and you can pick from gold, silver or rose gold. I’m already eyeing up the extra daily notes inserts and a pack of matching ball point pens as well as the mass of planner stickers I have added to my Etsy basket already. The addiction begins!



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