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LUSH haul – Spring 2018

25th March 2018


Lush is one shop I really wish we had in my town. Although my nearest store is the original flagship store in Poole and, as tiny as it is, it is THE original Lush shopping experience. The store is the cutest! I have some pics of the store front on my Instagram, check it out! I have yet to visit the Lush Spa that is attached to the shop so that has got to go on the bucket list. Any time I go on a shopping spree I have to go in Lush if there is one. Sometimes I have a skincare spurge but most often is for the bath bombs. This is actually 2 hauls rolled into one as I didn’t get chance to use my valentines products in time to get a post up in February, then we had snow and accommodating work around that was an actual nightmare. Better late than never though right?!

Now I love a bath. I love amazing bubble baths, bath bombs, bubble bars. Any evening I’n not working you will more than likely find me soakin’ in the tub. Give me a glass of prosecco or a gin & tonic, my tablet for watching Netflix or YouTube and I’m good for a few hours. My spirit animal is definitely a mermaid! Or some sort or lake or pond dwelling creature… the sea terrifies me. But that is  another story entirely!

I’m no stranger to a bath bomb, I’ve even made my own in the past, but lush bath bombs just do the job as far as bath art goes. (I actually have a mental wish list of a bunch of indie companies I want to try but alas they are all companies abroad and shipping costs the same as 7 months mortgage.) Lets face it, that is the main reason we go for the lush bomb. I’ve only ever had a handful of failures and after understanding the process that goes into it I’m not even that mad. They almost always float, they smell incredible and they are cute and colourful AF. I will always go for a slow foamy fizzer with a colourful show and I hit the jack pot with the Valentines and Easter products I grabbed. Just look how pretty!


The Unicorn Horn made a sparkly double appearance so I’m clearly a fan. Moving onto a new purchase also was the Cream Egg Bubbleroon which smells like a sticky sweet vanilla mixed with spearmint. A bit of a weird one for a lush product but I wanted to give it a whirl. This one came in 2 designs too so I wish I’d have picked up both.

First to be inspected is Madame President. Truth be told I didn’t care what this one smells like, it looked American and I wanted it. It’s only now I’m looking at the website that I realise its being discontinued shortly which is sad. This one is as pretty as they come. I should have bought two to take pics dunking on each side.


Now this one was just too cute to boot. Tug Boat for valentines day. Sadly no longer available so fingers crossed it comes back next year. Slow fizzing, shimmery, foamy and smelling exactly like love hearts. A perfectly pastel rainbow of a bath.

Of course I had to grab a bubble bar too, no idea what its called as it’s long gone now but its red, it had gold glitter and was the best sniffing of all the new seasons bubble bars. Except Creamy Candy obvs. That one is my snow fairy fix all year long. You do what you do, you stick it under running water and it makes the bubbles.

This April Showers bath bomb has to be my fave and I hope it makes makes a yearly come back, the scent is a sweet violet scent and the raindrops are actually little drops of solid cocoa butter that melt beautifully and make the water and your skin so soft. The pink and purple colour shoots out the sides oh so perfectly.

The winner of the skin stainingly neon category is this super bomb they’ve introduced for mothers day. Incredible Mum sports a little paper cape and has a sweet citrus smell. Very invigorating first thing in the morning. Side note – if random things suddenly touching your feet while in a state of relaxation scares the shit out of you I suggest removing the cape as soon as it floats off. That bugger sinks eventually and will result in you flapping about like there is an eel in the tub with you.

Another bright monstrosity is ‘What Came First’.  A little pricey at £6.95* but I was told that it could be used as 3 bath bombs so I gave it a go. Now 3 baths is a stretch. Its not the biggest bath bomb and one half barely does anything let alone using the teeny chick inside as a bath bomb. After I forced the thing apart, making the mother of all messes, I decided to use the middle and 2nd half as a twofer. The result? A very unimpressive orange neon bath with zero scent to it. This was a fast fizzing sickeningly coloured disaster. Sorry Lush. Just no. 


So there we have it, a very brief insight into what I’m loving from Lush this Spring. I’d love to hear what your fave lush bath bombs are, seasonal or permanent.

Thanks for reading xo


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