• Pink Parcel Subscription Box Review

    20th June 2018

    Howdy! Once again long time no blog, how useless am I? Today I will be reviewing a fabulous monthly subscription box for all the lovely ladies out there! Back in April I was offered a box from the wonderful Pink Parcel care of Tin Man Comms, a subscription box aimed at that dreaded time of…

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  • 2018 goals

    2018 Life Goals – New Year No Fear

    12th January 2018

      I’m not one to make New Years resolutions. Scrap that… I’m not one to stick to them. 2018 will be absolutely no different. Just the term New Years resolution instantly triggers the anxiety I feel at the end of every year. So much pressure to succeed! The one question that I ask myself constantly…

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  • Saying goodbye to Autumn and hello to winter!

    25th November 2017

    Saying au revoir to autumn only means 1 thing, Christmas is coming!! The time of year to truly indulge, be merry and spend time with those you hold close to your heart… and I can happily say this since I am not working Christmas day this year! Whoop! Christmas day is my absolute favourite day…

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  • My love for Hawkers rose gold sunglasses

    26th August 2017

    It really is no secret that rose gold is everywhere right now, in jewellery, home decor, eyeshadow and highlighter, make up brushes, the works. It is everywhere, I love it and I always will. It was my sister who actually introduced me to Hawkers sunglasses back in spring 2016 and I love them so much…

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  • Nominated for the Liebster Award!

    22nd August 2017

    First up a huge thank you to Lisa from Lisa Rachel Blogs for the nomination for the Liebster award 2017. My first nomination and it is such an honour since I have only been blogging a few months. What a wonderful way to recognise and meet new bloggers out there, so thank you so much…

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  • Buying my first planner (and other lovely things) – Oh So Lovely by Kikki K

    16th July 2017

    The planner/journal world is something I’ve always admired from afar and never really ventured into, for no other reason than once I start I know its a slippery slope into a sticker filled, glitter washi taping, paper clippin’ obsession.¬†Each time I mooch the interwebs on a planner mish I have never come across one that…

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