Eyeshadow 6 Shade Palettes by MUA Makeup Academy

MUA Makeup Academy is a well known affordable high street make-up brand here in the UK and over the past year MUA products are sure increasing in my makeup collection. Today I bring you two of the 6 shade eyeshadow palettes that have become my favourite every day eyeshadow for 2017.   The first isRead more

Getting Married in New York City – a dream come true wedding (with rainbow bagels)

Getting married abroad was something I knew I always wanted, even before I was engaged, and it is becoming increasingly more popular to many couples. Luckily when the time came I shared that dream with my husband to be. Here I want to share my wedding abroad experience in both planning and on the day.Read more

Buying my first planner (and other lovely things) – Oh So Lovely by Kikki K

The planner/journal world is something I’ve always admired from afar and never really ventured into, for no other reason than once I start I know its a slippery slope into a sticker filled, glitter washi taping, paper clippin’ obsession.Β Each time I mooch the interwebs on a planner mish I have never come across one thatRead more

“Tale as old as time” afternoon tea at the Kensington Hotel

To celebrate the release of the new Disney live action remake of Beauty and the Beast in March, the Kensington Hotel are hosting a wonderful “tale as old as time” Beauty and the Beast themed afternoon tea, complete with LumiΓ¨re candle stick on each table, the grey stuff served in a Chip teacup and doubleRead more